New York, NY                                      Columbia University     800 SF

Structural:                                             Ashok Parasharami PE

MEP Engineers:                                  Lizardos Engineering

The introduction of a new ADA lift helped bridge pathway connections which was not accessible when the building was constructed. The lift provides a venue for students and faculty with mobility constraints to access two floors which is highly used as a public node within campus. 3

The lift was strategically integrated to mimic the massive stone cladded columns within the lobby. The bridge is composed of glass balustrades and wood handrails to maintain the consistency and transparency of the space as a whole. The lift acts like a chameleon masking its color, yet the skin to the lift is made of a series of shapes at various angles which helps distribute light and display a gradient of shades and tones. The speckle patterns compliment the mosaic frames from the far east that currently hang on the opposite wall. In 2022, this project recieved an Award Citation from the American Institute of Architects- Westcheter & Hudson Valley Chapter.

2 Beechtree Lane Bronxville NY 10708    |    646.783.2408   | [email protected]

2 Beechtree Lane Bronxville NY 10708   |   646.783.2408  | [email protected]

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@Copyright 2024 RGITECT