Culturarte      New York, NY        Culturarte of New York    6,000 SF

Many Latino communities lack the access and resources for social services. Culturate is a not for profit organization that displays and showcase Latino art and art eduction to the neighboring community. With approximately 6,000 square feet, the current spaces are located behind a blank masonry wall with no windows. Only a projected canopy identifies their location.

Culturate’s existing spaces are shared educational classrooms from an adjacent learning center. The design intent is to enhance the administrative program while incorporating a new mixed use theater which can seat 50 persons. This theater can easily transform into an exhibit hall showcasing the work of local and traveling artist. The exterior masonry wall has been penetrated with openings and glazing encasement to exhibit the contents within to the residing community. The space is envisioned to be open and transparent. This intent would welcome the community and create a space for the public’s usage.

2 Beechtree Lane Bronxville NY 10708    |    646.783.2408   | [email protected]

2 Beechtree Lane Bronxville NY 10708   |   646.783.2408  | [email protected]

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